Natural Animal Solutions Pro-Vita Lac

by Natural Animal Solutions

Human’s have infant formula, puppie’s and kitten’s have PRO-VITA LAC

When your puppy or kitten requires an infant formula, it’s important to ensure they receive the nutrition their growing bodies require and we have created a product to do just that!

Pro-Vita Lac is a premium grade product rich in protein plus 25–naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, ideal for weaning puppies and kitten’s.  Pro-Vita Lac is completely free from additives and contains 100% pure human grade goat milk powder.

Provita-Lac is so versatile it can be used as a nutritious treat, essential supplement for sick or elderly pets and can even be used as a healthy food source for pet’s of all ages, sensitive tummies, livestock and wildlife.

Please note: Pro-Vita Lac does not contain cheap fillers such as Maltodextrin.

Key features:

  • Support a healthy immune system

  • Support bone development

  • Free from artificial fillers, flavours, colours & preservatives

  • Contains 100% pure human grade goat milk powder

  • Provide a nutritionally rich treat your pets will love

  • Weight: 200g